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via Voice Call, SMS, Data-Call, HSCSD, GPRS and TCP/IP


Many successful projects demonstrate M2M from Sony Ericson  know-how in the area of GSM Telemetry.
For our customers we developed versatile telemetry platforms as well as customer specific applications to meet their needs for remote control and measuring fast and cost-effective.

Data acquisition and remote control tasks are performed by one of our telemetry units installed at the remote site. The presentation of the acquired data and messages as well the transmission of control comands are carried out by one (or more) of the following devices, depending on the application:

  • GSM Cellular Phone via Call or SMS
  • Messaging also with fax or e-mail via GSM-Gateway to a destination of your choice
  • PC-Control Center connected to a GSM-Modem via SMS, data call (CSD) or HSCSD (high-speed CSD)
  • Web-Server and Internet-Browser, communication via SMS, GPRS and TCP/IP

In the easiest case our telemetry unit sends SMS messages to your cellular phone, so there is no need for further hard- and software; for more complex solutions data processing and presentation can be managed by an internet server providing a graphical user interface via your web browser. Proteced by an individual password you can have access to your data and send control comands from any PC without installing specific software on that PC.

We offer 4 ways to meet your telemetry requirements fast, cost-effective and efficient:

1. Ready-to-use "off-the-shelf" GSM-Telemetry-Devices SC32 using GR47: datasheet

2. High-End Telemetry-Platform GT47 :

3. Customer specific adaptation of one of our Telemetry-Platforms:

4. Customer specific developement

Example: Ready-to-use modul  Datatransfer per SMS to a mobile phone:

Typical applications are:

  • Transmission of alarm messages and status messages to a mobile phone or server, e.g. alarm messaging in case of burglar alarm 
  • Supervision of technical values (plus their limits) and automatic alarm, i.e. temperature in freezing rooms or correct operation of IT-infrastructure
  • Remote control of heating installation and clima control units, i.e. in a remote cabin
  • Access control via GSM, i.e. opening of doors/gates by authorized personnel or administration of parking lots in a parking garage
  • Industry Automation technology, i.E. automatic alarm via GSM in case of production line failure or a stopped pick&place machine

(1) Ready-to-use GSM-Telemetry-Devices

These devices are completely developed and type approved, have a configurable, versatile feature set and can be acquired by purchase from us (or our partners) ready for operation:

Low-Cost Telemetry Platform SC32 and SC35:

  •  Simple Configuration with onecall of your mobile phone
  •  2 / 5 Digital Inputs and 2 / 5 Digital Outputs
  •  Power-up Message to your mobile phone when connected to power supply
  •  completely configurable and controlled via SMS
  •  Remote control of one Digital Output with a simple call
  •  Remote comands accepted from up to 100 authorized users, status/alarm messages to 1-5 special users
  •  serial PC-interface, pre-configured to connect to GPS-receiver (SC35)
  •  CE-marking
  •  E-marking (approved by german federal ministry of transportation for installation in cars or trucks)
  •  Plug & Play package
  •  customer specific software upon request


SC32  dim:100x50mm

Short description ;

sent a SMS to the unit like this :

0000,R2=on,R1=off,S=?       (0000=pincode set Relais R1 on and R2 off and sent back  the status S=?  )

the modul  sents back the following sms :

I1=on ,I2=off,R1=on ,R2=off,DAY=2,HC=768 ,CSQ=14,OTR=15,ADC1=200,ADC2=20,PT1=12,PT2=87345

I1 I2 inputs I1=on I2=off,

R1 R2 are outputs R1=on en R2=off,

HC=768  Hours Counter  Machine is on for 768 hours , (it can sent a sms when reaching 1000 Hours),

Configuration of the Hours counter  : sent SMS: 0000,PBW=4:1000:+50                                         phonebookwrite location 4 number 1000 +50 means it will repeat sending an sms after  1000,1050 Hours etc.

CSQ=14 signal quality ( 0 -113dBm, 1 -111dBm, 2..30  -109.. -53dBm, 31 -51dBm or greater),

OTR=15 Operating Temperature (  -25/ +55  ),

DAY=2 (day off the week 1=mon,2=tue,3=wed,4=thu,5=fri,6=sat,7=sun) is used  by the modul (alarmclock), Time Switch function .There is a timeswitch function for Output R1 see manual for more ...

Configuration of the Timeswitch :sent SMS: 0000,ALARM1=09:00:0n/67;18:00:off   This will automatic switch  Relais R1 on if time is 09:00  (/67 means only for day 6 and 7) and relais R1 off if time is 18:00 .

Configuration of alarm the number  : sent SMS: 0000,PBW=2:31616787661:alarm                        phonebookwrite location 2 number +31616787661 

there are a view more inputs like I3 ,I4 and I5 and also counter input PT1 and PT2  ,ADC1 and ADC2

these are optional . (ask your dealer)

The sc32 unit can sent a sms on an input change on  I1 ,I2,I3,I4 and I5

The sc32 can also be delivered with a backup Nicad battery 6V (600maH)

for more control commands  as Counter Inputs ,ADC Inputs etc.  read the programming manual .


(2)High-End Telemetry-Platform GT47 SC47:

  •  based on Sony-Ericsson technology
  •  more reference projects please click SonyEricson here.
  •  two serial ports
  •  several digital and analog Inputs
  •  several digital Outputs
  •  break-out cable for signal and data connection available
  •  CE-marking
  •  E-marking (approved by european federal ministry of transportation for installation in cars or trucks)
  •  customer specific software upon request

Technial documentation can be retrieved at our sales partner's site, dwrd, follow the link "SC47".

Our SC47 can also be acquired by purchase at dwrd in the Netherlands , .m2m_pocked_guide

Example: Gate control via GSM



(3)Customer specific adaptation of one of our Telemetry-Platforms

If you have specific requirements which exceeds our standard features, we would be more than happy to develop the adaptations and additional functions for you based on the two platforms described above.

These adaptions can be carried out in software and/or in hardware, depending on your needs.

The striking advantages of using existing, modular hardware and software components are

  •  very low developement costs
  •  extremely short development time
  •  no develoment risk, because basic hardware and software components are already available and approved
  •  prototypes are available within a few days
  •  Approvals (CE, E) remain valid in most cases without additional costs

Typical examples are the implementation of additional serial interfaces for e.g. connecting a barcode scanner or bluetooth interface, remote access to a data logger, implementation of customer specific data transfer protocols (also via GPRS-Internet-TCP/IP) or adding special positioning retrieval and supervision functions.


(4)Customer Specific Development

If you have requirements that deviate significantly from our existing platforms, we develop your specific telemetry device for you according to your specification.

Examples: click SonyEricson here. SonyEricson m2m_pocked_guide

Integrated industry-automation alarm system via SMS:

Personnel access control system via GPRS TCP/IP server connection:

Gate control device with GPRS TCP/IP server connection and bluetooth identification:

Be in when your out application Be in when your out

For more reference projects please click SonyEricson here.

Furthermore we offer the following services:

  •  Technology consulting
  •  Definition and Compilation of specifications
  •  Preparation of prototypes and feasibility studies
  •  Development of factory testing equipment and production set-up
  •  Execution of different approvals (E-marking, CE, R&TTE etc.)
  •  upon your request, we take care of production support, small volume production and series production run

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